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Frequently Asked Questions


Mexonaire is a telecommunication and utility vending platform that simplifies the way SMEs sells data, airtime, electricity bills, cable tv subscriptions, bitcoin etc. Mexonaire offers a cheaper and affordable prices to SMEs and also it offers an easier and faster way for them to sell their products using an automated website and mobile applications with the highest success rate even while at sleep.

Mexonaire can be used by both individuals and businesses who wants to be making passive income selling telecommunication and utility products.

Mexonaire allows for so many products because of its unique features. Here are some products that can be sold in Mexonaire:

  • SME Data
  • Gifting Data
  • Airtime VTU
  • Cable Tv Subscriptions
  • Electricity Subscriptions
  • Printing of Recharge Cards
  • Conversion of Airtime to Cash
  • Buying of Bitcoin
  • Selling of Bitcoin
  • Sports Trading
  • Online Store etc.

Mexonaire offers the lowest cost and commissions in the industry. With Mexonaire, you can own a website and set-up with just N1,000 maintenance charges monthly. See our competitive pricing page and compare us with other platform in the industry.

Mexonaire is highly secured with security as a high priority. Merchants and customers data is highly secured when using the Mexonaire websites and apps. We are connected to a payment gateway with PCI-DSS-certified systems and 24/7 automated fraud monitoring.

  • Free website development
  • Free app development
  • Low Cost of maintenance fee
  • Low Cost of the Transaction fee
  • Low Price and Commissions
  • More Purchase Options (Offline and Online)
  • Instant Delivery
  • Zero Reconciliation and Zero Manual Payment Confirmation
  • API Integration
  • High Success Rates
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Experienced Customer Support

Getting Started

Getting started on Mexonaire is very easy in just a few steps.

  1. Sign Up to get a Mexonaire Merchant Account Sign Up
  2. After you have created an account, confirm your business email address.
  3. Submit the required KYC Documents and the preferred domain name for your business.
  4. Pay the activation fee (domain name fee and set-up fee)
  5. Invest your capital into the system (the money by which transactions will be made from)
  6. Go Live and start making sales.

Mexonaire requires minimum set-up requirements.

The following KYC documents will be required :

  • Available .com or .link domain
  • Merchant bank details
  • Verify your BVN linked to the account.

Yes, you can, in a few simple steps, anyone can set-up a Mexonaire website in simple steps.

Using Mexonaire

This feature is created for merchants whose customers need to fund their wallets.

The system creates a reserved account for a particular customer using a customer id or any identifiable reference eg. email. Hence, once a transfer is made to that account, the customer's account will be automatically be funded.

Mexonaire accepts card payments from Verve, Visa, and Mastercard

No, you can't control the charge bearer to be either the customers or merchants. Mexonaire offers a very low transaction processing fee. So customers are the ones to bear the charges of any transaction they process.

Our merchants gets settled for any withdrawal request the Next Day excluding weekends and public holidays.

  1. Insufficient account balance in the payer's account will result in the payer not completing that transaction.
  2. Most often, abandoned transactions come down to what could be compared to "window shopping" - customers here and there snap around the page out of sheer interest, to perceive what the different products are.
  3. Platforms with a short route to the checkout button can have very high rates of abandoned transactions. That is because it's basic for the customer to stack the checkout in two or three snaps.
  4. A customer could have a change of mind at the last moment and fails to complete the payments.
  5. For customers paying with cards, and can not confirm the OTP sent to their mobile phones or tokens, such transactions will be abandoned.