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Mexonaire has simplified how SMEs sell data, airtime, electricity bills, cable TV, bitcoin etc. in Nigeria

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What is Mexonaire?

Data Vending Redefined

Mexonaire is a telecommunication and utility vending platform that simplifies the way SMEs sells data, airtime, electricity bills, cable tv subscriptions, bitcoin etc. Mexonaire offers a cheaper and affordable prices to SMEs and also it offers an easier and faster way for them to sell their products using an automated website and mobile applications with the highest success rate even while at sleep.

How can you make sales?


With our fully automated website, you can sell to your customers and guests at anytime even while at sleep.

Mobile SDK

Over 86% of the internet users uses mobile, with Mexonaire’s mobile app you can reach out to more customers easier and faster.


With our well documented APIs incorporated to your website, developers can build a custom projects directly linked to your website.

How can your customer pay?

USSD Payments

USSD, Mobile and Internet Transfers

Using Mexonaire, your customers can make payment to you on your website or app by initiating a simple interbank transfer using USSD, internet banking or their mobile banking app.



Mexonaire allows you receive payments via debit cards online, while offering very low transaction fees. Cards details are not stored and transactions are secured with military grade encryption.

Faster Growth

Trusted Partners


Faster Growth

Now you can leverage on our automated website and mobile app to increase your sales and at scale. The payment options available in our platforms opens up a new market for you and customers.

We have made a conscious effort to keep our prices competitive, ensuring that your business enjoys better profit margin.

Mexonaire is adaptable to what best suits your business to scale effectively in Nigeria.

Trusted Partners

We have provided digital sales and payment infrastructure for our merchants, helping them better serve their customers.

Transactions in our platforms are secured with Military grade encryption and best data security practices as mandated by the payment card industry data security standard (PCIDSS).


Combining our payment and automated delivery options automatically increases your transactions success rates as transactions have a success rate of over 99.8%. Way higher than any other vending platform.

Do business better as Mexonaire mitigates operational inefficiencies such as transaction delay, late delivery, reconciliation complications, unfavourable transaction processing fees etc.

Why Mexonaire

What’s special about mexonaire?

Online Payments

Your customers can purchase data offline by simply making payment into a unique account number using USSD code or other means.

Easy Recognition

Mexonaire provides a very fast product delivery system. Products purchased from mexonaire are usually delivered to the customer within 30 seconds of purchase.

Instant Settlement

We are open to you defining your pricing, deciding what is best for your cash flow. You can decide how much profit you will be making per product and your customers pays you.

Payment Channel Options

Mexonaire offers diverse ways to have your customers pay you using bank transfers. A unique wallet account number will be generated and mapped for every of your customers.

Inteligent Fraud Detection

Eliminate all forms of fraud as Mexonaire guarantees you secure payments on every transaction.

Fully Featured Sandbox

Mexonaire offers a fully functional merchant dashboard where everything happening in your website are controlled and managed.

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